Mellott Contractors offers a variety of materials and supplies for residential customers as well as commercial contractors. We can help you choose the perfect components to fit your needs. We self-manufacture as much as we can and do our best to incorporate recycled materials.

Materials offered include:

Miscellaneous Stone Materials

At Mellott Contractors we offer almost any product that you would need for a successful outdoor project. From decorative rocks features to functional garden materials:

  • Large and Small River Rocks
  • Boulders
  • Screenings
  • Top Soil
  • Compost
  • Structural Fill
  • Chapel Hill Gravel
  • Decorative Stones
materials materials1
Brown Large White River Rock
materials2 materials3 copy
Tan River Rock Chatham Chat
m1 m2
Autumn Brown Thin Carolina Rose Flagstone
m3 m4
Mojave Thin Mountain Brown Flagstone
m5 m6
Mountain Brown Thin Mountain Thin
m7 m8
PA River Rock Palamino Flagstone
m9 m10
Sea Mist Flagstone Swiss Sparkle
river-rock-small river-rock-large
River Rock Small River Rock Large

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