How do I know how much of a product to buy?

We have calculators that give us the exact tonnage or yardage using the dimensions of the area to fill or cover.  But, if you are up for a mathematical challenge, here goes:

  1. Multiply the length of the area to cover by the width.  Make sure that all numbers are either in inches, feet, or yards.  Don’t mix increments!
  2. Next, multiply the value from above by the depth of the cover you want to provide.  For example, you may want to top-dress a driveway with crushed stone and have a 2” cover.
  3. Take this final number, known as the volume of material, and convert it to yards as follows:
  • If you were using yards as your increments, do nothing more.
  • If you were using feet as your increments, divide the number by 27.
  • If you were using inches as your increments, divide the number by 46,656.  (You really don’t want to use inches!)
  • River Rock – 2.0
  • Sand/Gravel – 1.5
  • Crushed stone – 1.3
  • Topsoil – 1 yard is equal to about 1 ton
  1. If you are buying product that is sold by the ton, multiply your “yardage” value by the following number to get tons:
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